CV&L Issue 03 Open Call

We are looking for LGBTQ+ artists to feature in the next issue of our zine.

Interested in applying to appear in the next issue of our zine? 
Below you can find more information on how to apply, what you need to submit, and how we will share your work. 

 - Entrants must be over 18 years old, living in the UK, and identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 
 - Artwork can be from any medium and on any topic or theme.
 - You must have full copyright to any work you submit. 

Please Note: Your work does not have to be themed around the LGBTQ+ community. We are looking to promote LGBTQ+ artists whatever the focus of their work.

How It Works
To Enter
We divide our zine into 3 general categories, Still, Moving, and Writing
We have a separate submission form for each of these categories as they each need slightly different information from you in the submission. 

After Entering
After you have submitted, it may take a few months for us to get back to you. This is because we wait until all submissions are in, then start selecting who will be in the zine, then we get in touch with everyone.  You should hear back whether your submission has been successful or not, but sometimes these emails get lost in people’s spam folders. 
We also post on Instagram when we have sent all the emails out, so keep an eye out for that so you can check your emails then. 

Successful Submissions
For successful submissions, we will print your name, pronouns, medium, and artwork in the zine. For Still & Moving Mediums we will also print your artist statement and description with the work. 
There are also optional fields for social media usernames and websites, which you can provide if you want these shared too.

Online, work will be shared to our Online Gallery & Library here on our website, and we share sections of the work to our Instagram.
You can opt-out of your work being shared online if you would like, there is an option for this in the submission form, or you can email us if you change your mind after submitting the form. 

Wherever your work is shown by us, it will be clearly credited and linked back to you wherever possible.  

Enter Here!

Still Mediums (E.g. Painting , Photography)
You may submit up to 5 pieces from the same series along with a 50-80 word artist statement and 50-80 word description of the submitted artwork(s).

Note: Due to limited space we may request to narrow down from the submitted series for publication.

Click Here for Still Mediums Submissions
Moving Mediums (E.g. Film, Animation)
You may submit 1 piece along with up to 3 screenshots/stills/artwork of said piece.
Please ensure UI elements (such as play/pause buttons) are not visible in screenshots/stills.

The submission also requires a 50-80 word artist(s) statement and 50-80 word description of the submitted piece.

Note: Due to limited space we may request to narrow down from the submitted stills/artworks for publication.

Click Here for Moving Mediums Submissions
Writing (E.g. Poetry, Short Stories)
You may submit one piece of writing (instructions for submission in entry form).

As a rough guide, we can fit between 200-300 words on one page (when the full width is regularly used). Many of our writing submissions span two pages, where 500 is an approximate limit. 
If your writing has lots of shorter lines, or more spacing between lines, this number may be lower. 

Note: As standard, pieces of writing will be pasted in with the same font and font size. If the font or size is important in your work please make this clear in the submission.
Formatting like spacing, line breaks, and bold/italics/underline/strikethrough will be carried across. 

Click Here for Moving Mediums Submissions

By submitting work you agree to our Terms & Conditions

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Copyright for featured artworks remains with original artist, as credited.
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