Frequently Asked Questions

Open Call FAQs
Does the artwork have to be LGBTQ+ themed to be submitted?
No, we want to promote the work of LGBTQ+ artists, the work can be about anything

Do I have to disclose my sexuality/gender identity to submit?
No, but we do ask for your pronouns so we know how to refer to you. However, if you want to discuss how you identify in your Artist Statement you are welcome to

Can I submit work I have already shared, displayed or published?
The only exception for this is if you have any copyright deals with other organisations which prohibit you from using the work elsewhere. If you are published or in a gallery and unsure of whether you can apply or not, we ask you first check with organisations you have the prior commitments to.

Will there be more open calls in the future?
At least, we hope so. We hope to continue publishing a new issue of CV&L 3 times a year, but this is only possible if there is continued interest and support from artists and readers. 

What work can I submit?
Almost anything!
On our Open Call Page you can find submission forms for “Still Mediums”, “Moving Mediums”, “Audio Mediums” and “Writing”. We think this covers most mediums people will want to submit, but if you have more unique work you want to share please Contact Us and we will find a way to include your work

Will featured artists get a free copy of the zine?
Unfortunately this is not something we are able to do right now. No one is profiting unfairly off our featured artist’s work, all the money from our sales go directly back into the zine, paying for printing, shipping, advertising and this website. 

What are the Terms and Conditions for submitting work?
T&Cs for our open calls can be found here.

Zine FAQs
Who are you?
CV&L was founded and is run by Artemis Hatfield.

Why do you exist?
Despite the massive diversity within the arts, especially at college and university level, it is clear that most artists who go on to become successful are white men, many of whom are cishet. CV&L was created to give smaller, queer artists a place to be published among their peers. We want to amplify the voices of queer people, to help provide a platform for their work to be seen, especially one that is separate from the overcrowded monotony of social media. 

We are also committed to sharing the work of other minorities. Unfortunately discrimination is still present within the LGBTQ+ community and we want to be clear that CV&L is a place for all LGBTQ+ artists to be seen

How are you run?
We are an independent organisation run primarily by Artemis Hatfield, who is a queer artist themself. Each issue will be funded by the one before it, with the costs going to printing, advertising and shipping. 

Business FAQs
Can we advertise in your zine?
We have a small amount of advertising slots available, and we are careful to ensure we only advertise with ethical, LGBTQ+ friendly businesses. Click Here for more information.

For all other business enquiries please Contact Us individually.
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