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Here you will find all the amazing artists featured in Issue #01 of CV&L, with a preview of their work and links to their websites and/or social media platforms so you can easily find your way back to the artists themselves. 
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Alice Robb


Alice Robb is a queer artist based in Reading. Their art aims to capture the innate impermanence of liminal spaces through a variety of mediums - namely installation, live theatre, and collage. Robb explores the curiousness of the uncanny through a careful combination of textures and themes to create works that are both distantly familiar and empathetically othered.
@alice_robb on Instagram

Jack Neal


Jack Neal is an illustrator working in south Yorkshire. His work draws inspiration from his experience growing up autistic and transgender. Through his work, he conveys queer experiences in a warm environment, exploring the bright and passionate love between trans people. Jack strives to create a safe space for queer folk to exist in and embrace their own identities.

@half.ant on Instagram

Izzy Osborn


Izzy Osborn is a multidisciplinary post conceptual artist. Their practice aims to explore individual’s relationship with contemporary art and ‘the institution’. This exploration has taken place through a series of co-creational projects organised under the artists pseudonym, library of ideas. These projects are installed within an environment such as an art college or gallery space, and playfully engage with the environment’s population. Concepts such as knowledge creation or the relationship between art and design are explored through the vehicles of questionnaires, worksheets and forms. The responses gathered from individuals, are in turn presented back to the community, through exhibitons of prints, videos and zines.
@library.of.ideas on Instagram

Amy Lloyd


Amy is a queer, disabled artist who specialises in pencil drawings and the occasional oil painting. A lot of her work is inspired by special interests (like dinosaurs and anatomy) but typically Amy attempts to stretch the limits of detail in her work and exploit her experience of perfectionism through drawing. Amy studies Psychology with Neuroscience BSc but her passion seems to always come back to the arts, dedicating any spare time to a tonal drawing session. on Instagram

Sid Barker


Sid is an autistic queer artist from London. Throughout their life, they remained very isolated and lonely. They did not fit in with their peers, societal norms were confusing and their home life was stressful. They express this through their art.
Growing up, comics and graphic novels kept them company. Archie comics, The Moomins and Calvin and Hobbes all play inspiration in the work they create today.
@sidgravy on Instagram

Olive C. Payne


Olive Payne is a non-binary filmmaker and photographer based in Liverpool. Originally from Scarborough, N. Yorkshire, their work utilises landscape in order to express people’s relationship to their surroundings.

@mrs_parrot on Instagram

Amber Winter


I have lived multiple lives. Once I was a young boy who was unaware of his abnormalities; once I was a twink who thirsted for the acceptance of experienced men; once I was a crossdresser hiding behind my own fear. I am a chameleon, adapting and reacting. I break myself down and build myself back up again. I seize my mind, my flesh, and my soul and carve, break, snap, pull, and stitch them into my own shape. I am Amber Winter, and I am an artist of the traditional sense as well as an artist of my own biology.

@amberwinterartist on Instagram

Matt David


Matt David is a London-based, Scottish queer artist. They received a BA in Illustration from Duncan of Jordanstone School of Arts and Design University of Dundee in 2014. Their work developed from primarily pastel and ink portrait and figure work to exploring the cyanotypes and combining mediums with this technique.

Matt’s work centres on exploring queerness within symbolism, sexuality and expression. It has been essential for Matt to create work that tackles themes they surround themselves with and challenge. This ranges from HIV stigma to objectification of queer bodies.
@mattdavidartist on Instagram

Rachel Kavanagh


Using the mediums of sculpture, lens, illustration and installation, I aim to capture the bodily discomfort and dissociation queer people experience. I contrast hard and soft materials to evoke and contrast the “real” and “symbolic” body. In a world which adheres to heteronormative ideas about gender and the body, feeling disconnected from our physical beings allows for escape into fantasy. Exploring the queer body through imagination allows for a catharsis which permits acceptance and freedom, without physical limitations and a disregard for how the body should appear.

@rachlkaart on Instagram

Sieve Bonaiuti


Sieve’s work is mainly inspired by intimacy, queerness, folktales and magic. In their illustrations and poetry, these elements are mixed together, while showing snapshots of ordinary life.

@mohnwald on Instagram

Joe Hull


Joe Hull is a multimedia artist with a focus on sculpture and painting. They are non-binary and create work that is reflective of their experience of gender and sexuality, which reflects feelings of devotion, feeling trapped in one’s body and otherness through kink and BDSM aesthetics. They also hope to de-stigmatise BDSM through their work and show how it can be a powerful way of reclaiming autonomy.

@joehull_art on Instagram

Rein Lee


Rein is a young queer artist that is studying illustration and animation at Kingston University. They work in a variety of disciplines, most notably in zines, digital and traditional illustrations and animation. During their short time in being a practicing artist, they have animated and illustrated for book covers, posters, animated adverts and moving image work for documentaries. All of their works focus on portraying the mood of bitter sweetness, the melancholy and sad nostalgia that is silently present in our lives. Recording both the surreal and the mundane, their works forces us to familiarise ourselves to fictional places, characters and scenarios.

Tidal Wave is avaialble for purchase in Rein’s etsy shop.

@Rein__lee on Instagram
@Reinlee55 on X (Twitter)



ShonaMary is a digital artist from the North West of England specialising in Gothic fantasy characters. Heavily inspired by table top role playing games as well as myths, legends and cryptids. Her art strives to show both the fierce and whimsical side of the female characters she creates.
@shonamary_designs on Instagram

Chloe Crxxs


Chloe is an 18 year old artist who recently moved to Manchester, and spends most of her time creating illustrations or simple sketches of her own original characters. As a lesbian, she paints mainly about queerness and the relationships that queer people experience, whether that be platonic, romantic, or otherwise. Her favourite mediums include gouache and ink pens, but she’s not shy of experimenting with multimedia pieces or stepping out of her comfort zone. Chloe’s main inspirations stem from different places, such as fashion, nature, her own queer experience, and the experiences of those around her.

@chloecrxxs_draw on Instagram

Sylvie (Sage) McAlpine-Lee


I’m Sage ( Sylvie) I’m a queer, nonbinary artist, writer, poet and musician based in Edinburgh. I’m currently accepting commissions and can be contacted via my email,

My work takes inspiration from high contrast, visual striking , graphic and street art. It is often based around sketches I complete on paper before transferring to my digital medium. I discuss and display themes or religion, pain, isolation, perception and many others in a striking manner.

@the_things_i_can_make on Instagram

Martyna Meramow


Martyna is a Fashion/Event photographer, Her work (mainly focused on fashion) tends to link to her likes and upbringing in hopes to relate to her target audience. Her current style revolves around coloured gels which she finds bring life to her photographs, as well as editorial which she is also passionate about this can be seen both in her photographs and in her day to day personal editorial work. At times she likes to challenge herself to styles of photography such as street photography which she feels is a good way to build up her photographic skills.
@_martynas.photography_ on Instagram

Sarah Gant


Based in both Bournemouth and Leeds, photographer and filmmaker Sarah Gant takes inspiration from the natural world around her. Her work looks at how people interact with the spaces they live in and the beauty that surrounds them. Artists such as Joe Greer, Sophie Jones and Lauren Questell also show these themes throughout their visuals and have inspired Sarah within her practice.
@sarahlizg on Instagram

Rea Fortis


Producer and audiovisual specialist, Rea Fortis, has been fascinated with music videos as a child and even more recently the phenomena of visual albums. A musician at heart, Fortis is a genre chameleon that is not bound to her love of house, Latin and blues music, but combines the most enchanting aspects of these genres to create her music with. She composes music with ivory keys at her fingertips and assortment of saxes at the ready. This year, Rea Fortis has broken boundaries through releasing her debut EP in the form of a visual album.

@reafortis on Instagram

Frankie Marshall


Frankie is a queer mixed-media artist from Leeds who recently moved to London for university. Their practice is focused primarily on the process rather than the final piece. In their work they use a variety of different materials and processes ranging from 3D pieces, video, performance and 2D works. The aim of their work is to blur the lines between these different categories and create work that can engage with a variety of people. Frankie’s work often has a focus on the relationship between humans and their environment in an abstract or surrealist way using overwhelming texture, colour and pattern.
@frankie_artsxd on Instagram

Andrew Hannaford


Exploring lived reality and issues experienced by trans and queer communities is the focus of Andrew Hannaford’s work. He investigates the parts of being queer and trans that aren’t typically acknowledged or visible within mainstream society, inspired by his own personal experience with gender. All created with the aim of sparking discussions about the trans experience and dismantling the constrictive narratives that are too frequently written for trans people. Having been highly influenced by the artist Cassils, he investigates this through interdisciplinary practice, typically integrating some aspect of performance.

@3ye.evil on Instagram



AMILLS is a 21 year old artist/producer from SE London. With a rock background, her production style merges alternative and indie rock sounds with pop and trap. Proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community, AMILLS hopes to be a strong female voice with experimental production style from rock influences such as Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, fused with elements of rap such as Lund and Nothing Nowhere. ‘For A Week Or Two’ released (16/06) followed by ‘I’m Not This’ (25/08) marks the new direction AMILLS is moving with the project, both of which have been played by BBC introducing.
@amillsdisconnected on Instagram



I create music I have dubbed ‘cynical pop’, which combines emotional lyrics, with upbeat music with elements/inspiration drawn from many genres. I believe music can be a positive tool to help us communicate when struggling with our mental health, and aim to help others feel more comfortable discussing their struggles.
@kaikaydee on Instagram

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